Why are the projects separate from the photos? These are themed sets based around an idea and are ongoing. Rather than being a portfolio of work and skills, they are ongoing pursuits of artistic ideas.


This is my fire project, originally titled Foto Flambé, the very thing which started me into photography.

There is so much to be organized and inserted into this gallery, please be patient as I do that.

Please note: this gallery contains nudity. If you're not of legal age to view such or nudity offends you, please do not proceed.

Ghost towns

A number of years ago, my friend Bella and I discovered a number of ghost towns and ruins. We immediately recruited models (friends) and went out there for a series of photoshoots.


The film style of noir always intrigued me with its shadows and transitions into light. This project is inspired from the days of film: when pictures were still or motion and when intrigue was more important than action.


Zombies! Enough said.

Keeping it light

This is a project which is extremely difficult to figure out. It's a pinup Judaica idea which I've been struggling with for years.